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These are my columns, articles, and musings.

My columns that have appeared on

Father's Daze
A parent has to vent somewhere....

Magazine Articles
The articles that I have written about varying subjects.

Poems that I have written, mostly earlier in my life.

Web site maintained by iBusinessHouston - writings, thoughts, and musings... 


Welcome to byJoeyWare .com

In today's ever changing world, it is imperative that a writer have a website to publicize himself and his work.  As I am doing this myself, there will be no cool effects or fancy graphics... until I learn how to create them.  For now , what you will get is just my writings and thoughts.  Basic, plain, simple.

I have divided the site into different sections.  Each section has a different type of writing.  I  have columns on sports, family, parenting, and politics.  I will upload magazine articles as I write them.  I also have many poems that I will be uploading as I have time.

If you have any requests that you would like me write about or if you would like me to write something for your publication, please contact me by email  

Some of my favorites:

Lessons Learned On Opening Day

Grand by Any Other Name

Rites of Spring



Baseball's Future Lies with You

Loss of a Hero